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  • Why Use a Concierge?

    "There aren't enough hours in the day... I can't seem to get to the end of my to-do list... I wish I had more time to spend with my family..."

    We've all been there.

    We want to do it all. We believe we can do it all. The question is: should we do it all? Sometimes being a super human means knowing when to find super human backup. Even Batman had Robin. Superman had Lois Lane. Wonder Woman had Etta.


    And you... well, now you have us.


    We're dedicated to helping you live your best life, so you can be your best self for the people you love, and spend your time any way you want. Let us check off your boxes... so you can check in on life.

  • Who Does it Benefit?

    Everyone! (No, really!)

    "The only real luxury is time," but having a concierge isn't exclusively for luxury-laden lifestyles. We're here for everyone: working parents, confirmed bachelors, traveling executives, community leaders, startup companies, overworked school teachers, jet-setting couples, swamped tax accountants, growing organizations... and you! It's a luxury service for every lifestyle, and we'll work with you to focus on areas that will free your schedule up most, all while respecting your budget and putting you more in control of how you spend your time.

  • Personal Services

    Use us only when you need us, or purchase one of our monthly packages. We work with your schedule and your needs. It's your life, handled. Services include, but are not limited to...

    Space Organization

    If you were born without the neat-freak gene, don't worry - we've got it in spades. We'll work with you to implement organizational systems that work with your lifestyle and personality. The more tailored your system is to you, the more likely you'll stick with it.

    Includes complimentary consultation with quote.

    Meal Planning & Preparation

    Busy traveler? Working parent? Live on your own and only know how to cook hot pockets? We've got you covered with custom meal plans suited to your needs, preferences, and budget.


    Let us run by the post office, deliver lunch to your office, pick up the groceries, take the car for an oil change, or grab a friend from the airport. We'll deal with rush hour so you can rush home, to the gym, to the theater, or to happy hour.

    Travel Planning

    Have the destination, but the details are giving you headaches? We'll work with affiliates on getting you the best flight deals, hotels, transportation, travel accessories, tours and activities. We'll even help with packing and unpacking.

    Tours , Tickets & Reservations

    We don't wear head sets, and we won't jump Tim McGraw's fence with you, but we will assist visitors in our pretty city with reservations, accommodations, event tickets, recommendations, and the kinds of tours you would get if you were in town visiting an old friend.
    $20* booking fee for reservations. Includes shuttle to and from event (within 10 miles). *Surcharge for holidays.

    Mid-Day Dog Walks

    Furbabies are family too! We're available to walk and play with your pets while you're at work, drive them to vet or grooming appointments, and give them lots of love. (Overnight pet care not available.)

    $15 for 30-minute walk/play time

    Estate Dispersement

    Dealing with a loved one's belongings in the midst of grief and bereavement can be more than a little overwhelming. We can be there to help you handle the physical and administrative demands of the process with sensitivity and care.
    Includes complimentary consultation with quote.

    Event Planning

    We love a good party, and will happily help with the details of your special occasion. Whether you need us to bake the cake, plan the menu, decorate, book entertainment, or take the first swing at the pinata, we can help you make it the social event of the season!


    Out of ideas on what to get your in-laws for their anniversary? Forget about your child's classmate's birthday party and won't have time to stop on your way home from work? Dreading congested Christmas traffic, or despise wrapping paper and ribbon? We'll do the shopping and the wrapping... and you'll get all the credit.

  • B2B Services

    Bnb Flipping

    Rocking that bnb business but don 't feel like changing the sheets every three days? We'll do the entire flip in time for your next guests. We'll even leave a travel guide on the counter and a mint on the pillow, because we know how important it is for you to build a reputation on 5-star service. Above and beyond is our bread and butter.

    Filing & Administrative Support

    Our attention to detail and commitment to sustained usability can reform even the most hectic of environments into oases of organization. Let us handle all that pesky administrative stuff, so you can focus on developing new business and redefining what it means to be boss.

    Content Writing

    Finding the right words to convey your company's message is a vital aspect of promoting your vision and value. With years of experience in drafting newsletters, web content, and marketing materials, we can help you put your best foot, and your best voice, forward. Click here to view a portfolio of our work.

    Home Staging

    Nashville is a booming real estate market, and we can help increase your efficiency and ultimately, your bottom line, by providing experienced home staging services for your listed properties. Launching a full-time bnb business on the side? We can stage your rental to maximize visual aesthetics and practical comforts for your guests.


    Whether you're launching a startup and need market research, are seeking new vendors and want well-reviewed and well-priced services, are vetting potential candidates for a position, or need an expansive amount of information condensed into more manageable and clearly presented data, we can help you get the information you need to help you make the best decisions for your company.

  • Packages & Pricing

    Some of our services are subject to custom rates and include a complimentary consultation. A mileage surcharge of $0.53/mile will be charged for surpluses of 10 miles.

    Hourly on Demand


    For those periodic times when you need a same-day set of hands to help you catch up, stay on track, or get ahead of schedule

    Support Package


    5 hours per month : For those who want occasional support keeping up with their to-do lists

    Priority Package


    10 hours per month : For those who want the freedom to focus on their highest priorities without being distracted by their to-do lists

    Comfort Package


    15 hours per month : For those who want the ease and comfort of outsourcing life's pesky little details

  • Reviews

    Brittney says:

    I recently moved my consulting studio so 3 bedrooms in our home turned into our personal storage units. The rooms were blanketed with items that needed to be shipped out, stored, sold, etc. Due to a very heavy workload and travel schedule, I did not have any extra time to spend on organizing these rooms, so I reached out to Checkbox Concierge. I was reluctant at first because I didn't think anyone could put these rooms back together the way I preferred, but I was wrong. Not only did Crystal exceed my expectations with her organizational skills, but she completed the hefty project in less time than what was quoted. She was professional, efficient and most importantly, made our home feel like a HOME again! Many thanks to her! We will absolutely be calling again!

    Monica says:

    My boyfriend and I were nervous that our hectic work schedules would get in the way of giving our 8-week old puppy Jax the love and attention that he needs. That’s where Checkbox Concierge comes in! Crystal with Checkbox Concierge (also known as Mommy #2) cares for and plays with Jax as if he was her own! She takes him out, feeds him and most importantly gives him the love and attention he needs. And of course we love the awesome photos and videos she sends during the day (see below). Thanks to Crystal, after a long day of work, we are greeted with nothing but love from our happy and well-fed little pup. Thank you Crystal, you rock!

    Darius says:

    As a part-time entrepreneur with a full-time job, even the simplest task can be a challenge to accomplish. I recently met Crystal and she introduced me to Checkbox Concierge, and I thought it was a perfect solution for someone who needed an assistant but couldn't afford to hire one. Since I've started using Checkbox Concierge, Crystal has exceeded my expectations on every task that I have given her. For example, my car was down and I had a wedding out of the country I had to attend for a week. I used Checkbox Concierge to help have my car fixed while I was away, and not only did Crystal find me a mechanic to fix my car at a really good price, she also had it cleaned as a thank you for using her service. I would recommend Checkbox Concierge to anyone who lives a busy life!

    Josh says:

    We hired Crystal and Becky to help us pack for our move from Nashville to Houston. Having moved nine times, this was the first time we’ve hired anyone else besides the moving company to do the packing. Not only did we save a TON of money going with Checkbox Concierge, but the quality and speed of their job was amazing. So much better than the moving companies we've used in previous moves. These girls can hustle. They organized, packed, and labeled our entire life in less than five hours. Each box was packed with care and speed, and neatly organized, color-coded and labeled so you could immediately tell which room the box came from. We are so thankful for them and so glad we trusted them with our move!

    Taurian says:

    I recently hurt my back and was not able to do much, not even go to the grocery store or cook for myself. I contacted Checkbox Concierge, sent them my grocery list and a description of what I usually cook. They did all the shopping and showed up at my home with a week's worth of meals. They even cooked them better than I do! I'm so thankful for their services and professionalism. I will definitely be using them in the future for meal prep and more!

    Elizabeth says:

    I recently moved to Nashville to start a new job and slowly found myself eating out more and more every week due to my hectic schedule. After viewing several meal prepping companies and being unhappy with their food options, I reached out to Checkbox Concierge. I told Crystal my likes and dislikes and she prepared a healthy menu for me for the week. I'm on week 2 now and I absolutely love it. I definitely share feedback on meals I didn't like and they are more than happy to accommodate for the next time. As far as prepping goes, she buys my groceries and cooks the meals for me at my apartment so when I come home, I have all my meals set. I don't even have to flex my already packed schedule to meet up with her to pick up my meals. She also helped me decorate a wall in my apartment that I haven't gotten around to and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I definitely recommend trying them out - they make life so much easier!

    Dee says:

    My husband and I recently planned a baby shower reveal party and Checkbox Concierge made my dream shower come true, from finding a location that would be large enough for all of my family and friends, to the set up, and clean up after the shower ended. I really enjoyed meeting with Crystal to go over the details of the theme, decorations, food, and set up of the baby shower. She took my vision and brought it to life, and was also able to add some great ideas of her own. I am so satisfied with the service, I would recommend Checkbox Concierge not just for party planning, but for any of your personal assistant needs. They were very professional and I can't wait to work with them again on another project!!!

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  • Affiliate Partners

    We work hard to build a network that benefits our valued clients. When we book services for you through our affiliate business partners, you receive exclusive discounts and expedited service.

    Honky Tonk Party Express

    is a custom built, open-air party bus with seating for up to 32 passengers. Visiting from out of town and want to snag an extra seat or two? Planning a birthday or bachelor(ette) party and want the VIP treatment? Give us a call and let us book your event at our special discounted rates, and find out why our exclusive party bus partner was voted TripAdvisor's "Best Party Bus Experience!"
    Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

    OSHi Floral Design

    is a locally-owned, full-service florist specializing in luxurious designs by master floral artists, selected to be our exclusive floral partner for the quality of their work, the stunning individuality expressed in their arrangements, and their above-and-beyond approach to customer service. Checkbox Concierge clients receive 15% off and extra special service on bouquets and arrangements for special occasions, gifts, and events.
    Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

    j + porter home

    is an online retailer that specializes in bringing you a carefully curated selection of home goods and gifts. Their unique collection focuses on eco-friendly, fair trade, and socially responsible finds that are sure to make a statement with their down-home elegance and handcrafted flair. Checkbox Concierge clients receive an exclusive 20% discount when they use our services for personal shopping and gifting!
    Website | Facebook | Instagram

    Made Wines

    offers custom wine labels for any and all occasions of life: birthdays, anniversaries, bridesmaids announcements... You name it! We partnered with Made Wines because of their beautifully designed labels, pretty packaging, and fast turnaround time... Not to mention, our clients receive 20% off! Contact us to order a bottle of wine as a thoughtful treat.
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